Dispensing Made Easy!

Dispensing cleaners and disinfectants shouldn’t be so difficult.  Bulky dispensers that take up space on walls and are complicated to use are a thing of the past.  EZ-Mix gives you a cost effective, portable, simple to use, safe, and sustainable dispensing system that does everything a large wall mount system can do!   Just screw your dispenser onto your bottle, connect your water supply, slide a lever and dispense.  It’s that easy! And with a long lasting, reusable dispenser you have less waste than captive systems. All of our leading, 3rd party certified products are available in EZ-Mix to help you choose the best cleaning and sanitation program for your needs.

  • 3rd Party Certified Products
  • Economical, Easy to Use Dispensing
  • Reduced Packaging and Waste
  • Color, Number Coded Training


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62% of surfaces contaminated with viruses reduced with proper cleaning.

* Source: ISSA Value-of-clean infographic

94% of people would avoid a business in the future if they encountered a dirty restroom.

* Source: ISSA Value-of-clean infographic