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Keeping a University Campus Clean & Disinfected from COVID-19 Case Study


    Early in 2020, officials within Rutgers University’s Environmental Services Department faced a big challenge: How would they keep a university with more than 68,000 students spread across three campuses with hundreds of buildings safe from a highly communicable disease?

    During the early days of the global pandemic, Rutgers did as many other higher education institutions -- it mostly shut down. While limiting campus activity reduced the possibility for the coronavirus to spread, it was only a short-term solution. It didn’t address the immediate and long-term cleanliness and disinfection needs required to fight the deadly coronavirus. Nor did it do much to give peace of mind to those who would learn and work at -- or visit -- the campus once it reopened. 

    Keeping university facilities clean was a big enough job during normal times. Disinfecting for the coronavirus required additional sanitation precautions for frequently used facilities and high-touch surfaces. Rutgers needed a comprehensive cleaning and disinfection solution for its custodial staff that:

    1. Killed the coronavirus
    2. Instilled confidence in the university’s hygiene and sanitation programs  


    Partnering with a dependable local distributor, Rutgers selected two Rochester Midland Corporation (RMC) products as part of its cleaning supply arsenal to keep the coronavirus at bay: Proxi Multi Surface Cleaner and Enviro Care® Neutral Disinfectant. As both products are super-concentrated, the university spent less on maintaining an adequate inventory. What’s more, the need for additional cleaning products didn’t impede on their already limited storage space. 

    Working under the auspices of RMC’s sanitation philosophy that you can’t disinfect a dirty surface, Rutgers’ custodial staff developed a cleaning program for delivering a one-two punch to eliminate coronavirus. 

    Using RMC’s Proxi Multi-Surface Cleaner, a hydrogen peroxide-based cleaner that leaves no residue, custodial staff cleaned hard surfaces, such as:

    • Counters
    • Tables
    • Desks
    • Chairs
    • Floors
    • Restroom fixtures
    • Glass
    • Water fountains
    • Door handles


    Once dirt and debris were removed, custodial staff then wiped down each surface again using RMC’s Enviro Care® Neutral Disinfectant.  A neutral pH cleaning solution, Enviro Care® Neutral Disinfectant is on the Environmental Protection Agency’s List N of disinfectants for coronavirus. It’s safe on all surfaces and leaves no residue. 

    Newly cleaned and disinfected surfaces were then left to air dry.


    With custodial staff using both cleaning products in tandem, campus officials could ensure the health and safety of its students, faculty, and staff who were already on campus and those who will eventually return. From dormitories and dining halls to classrooms and offices, the campus community could rest easy knowing Rutgers was doing its part to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 


    Business Profile 

    Founded in 1776, Rutgers University is one of the oldest higher educational institutions in the country. A university known for its health and research programs, Rutgers boasts 29 schools and more than 150 majors. For more information, visit www.rutgers.edu

    Products Used

    Proxi Multi Surface Cleaner and Envirocare Neutral Disinfectant


    • Improved health and safety for students, faculty, and staff
    • Peace of mind to those currently on or planning to return to campus
    • Low end-user cost 






    For more information on University Hygiene Solutions, visit www.rochestermidland.com/hygiene.