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Sanor® Mark V Services

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An Effective and Sustainable Solution

The Sanor® Mark V can save your business an annual savings of $32,500, more than covering the cost of the service program!

Urinals and toilets if not maintained properly will have uric acid build up and overflow issues, also causing odor issues in the bathrooms. Sanor Concentrates’ are formulated for use in the Sanor Mark V Drip System, an automatic washroom odor control mechanism for toilets and urinals, which delivers consistent cleaning and deodorizing around the clock. All Sanor Concentrates are a blend of surfactant’s and fragrance, intended for use as a continuous bowl cleaner and room deodorizer. These fluids are biodegradable and are formulated to be environmentally friendly.

photo 3 (002)Benefits of Sanor Programs

  • Non-invasive & economical solution
  • Avoided exorbitant cost of removing urinals and toilets
  • Facility remained in service
  • Enviromentally friendly and biodegradable products used
  • Sanor Mark V System meets stringent LEED Certification requirements
  • Sanor Mark V System is low maintenance, easily installed device
  • Sustainable Sanor Mark V System needs no batteries or electrical connections
  • Superior service and expertise of RMC staff to provide installation and monthly service

Having the Sanor Mark V installed in restrooms results in a substantial decrease in the Uric Scale deposits in urinals and toilets, as well as the odor situation was also much improved.

Results of Sanor Drip Systems in action:

Two trial units were installed in one bathroom, upon monthly audit, there was a substantial decrease in the Uric Scale deposits in the urinals and the odor situation was also much improved. The customer was impressed by the results from the trial so a more extensive paid trial is currently under way and is succeeding powerfully. We have successfully installed 180 units over their urinals since December 2015 and will be quoting on 4 new buildings in the next few months.

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