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Going Green?

Explore our Sustainable Services

Explore our Suite of Sustainable product offerings for your restroom

Sustainable solutions are better for businesses and the communities where these businesses operate in many ways. We at WellBeing Hygiene are committed to developing sustainable solutions by designing products that are environmentally friendly, efficient, that save our customer time and money, without sacrificing on performance. RMC’s WellBeing Hygiene Division offers economical, effective & sustainable programs that improve customer and employee satisfaction. RMC has been providing rest room care services for over 130 years and continue to focus on customer service and product innovations.

Our trademark Sanor fluid system has come to represent a high degree of commitment to restroom hygiene. Sanor provides continuous at-the-source cleaning and deodorizing all day, every day. No wonder it is used by over 20,000 customers for over 300,000 fixtures around the world.

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Sanor Mark V Services 
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