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University Water Management

Minimizing Negative Impact of Environmental Factors on Campuses

    Water Treatment 

    Working together, we will focus on your pre-treatment, boiler water, cooling water, and wastewater systems.

    We find customized solutions that will help manage your risk in regards to Legionella.

    Our business is to help you decrease water use and chemical use, and minimize energy costs. We pay close attention to the goals you have set (or developed or put into place) for your college or university and will aim to achieve what matters most to you:  keeping your students safe.


    Legionella Risk Minimization Program

    Rochester Midland’s Risk Minimization Program offers customized ways to demonstrate contingency management against potential litigation and associated health risks on college and university campuses. The plan provides for the management of pathogenic bacteria such as Legionella by utilizing technologies such as domestic water disinfection, domestic water secondary disinfection, and ozone in cooling tower systems.

    The Programs have five major components:

    • Proper Water Management Programs as defined by relevant federal, state, and local laws
    • The use of certified independent labs
    • Short & Long Term customized strategies
    • System Risk Assessments
    • Intensive Treatment Programs


    Contact us for more information about Legionella testing!