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A Sustainable Brewery Begins with Innovative Products.  Innovative Products = Reduced Costs. Increased Safety. Delighted Customers. More Beer! 

Tensaglide Dry, is non-silicone dry lubrication for your conveyor lines. This unique technology is applied on the production line in very small amounts increasing product flow and reducing glass breakage which directly results in improving your bottom line.

  • Decreased water usage in the production process
  • Reduced Biofilm and other pathogen concerns
  • Eliminates silicone soil build up
  • Improved safety and sustainability

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Blog: Sustainability Benefits of Using a Dry Lube Over a Wet Lube


HDA-6600 is an aggressive acid that works exceptionally well in dissolving beer stone and removing other solids from filtered and unfiltered product in Brite Beer tanks and keg cleaning.  Unlike traditional acid products, it is powerful enough to do the work of both a caustic and acid cleaner.

  • Replaces the need for a caustic cleaner and evacuating CO2
  • Reduced cost and time savings with CO2 as Brite Beer tanks are not blown down and re-filled after each cleaning
  • Less hot water needed as acid cleaning can be done at lower temperatures

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Cheers to making you more beer!