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Our Why:

Our What: Solve problems for people who believe that effective hygiene solutions and sustainable cleaning technologies are critical to the health and safety of people and the planet.

Our Promise: Deliver solutions for sanitation and cleaning challenges by building a partnership of trust and loyalty so our customers can do the work they do to succeed.

Covid-19 Solutions

A Precious Resource

Water Management for Cooling Towers, Wastewater, Boilers, & Closed Loop

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Protecting Your Food

Food Safety Sanitation Solutions

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Keep Spaces Healthy

Facility Hygiene Solutions

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Help When it Matters Most

Solutions for Restoration Cleaning

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Creating a Worry Free Restroom

WellBeing Hygiene Solutions

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Solutions That Go To Work For You...
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We are your partner in providing innovative chemical solutions and unparalleled service to create healthier and safer environments while focusing on sustainability to reduce operational costs. From food plant sanitation to water treatment to environmentally safe chemical cleaners, we bring application expertise and products that our competitors can’t match.


Years of Expertise

Ambition, ingenuity, and hard work marked the early growth of Rochester Midland Corporation. The company continues as a family-owned business growing with those same foundational drivers for the next 130 years.



We believe in building a culture that inspires our team members to learn, be creative and think outside of the box. Our team members are passionate about delivering first-class customer experiences.



From our production facilities in the United States and the UK, partnerships and alliances in Europe, Africa, Saudi Arabia, India and Asia-Pacific we not only provide products but also expertise in application, equipment design, problem-solving and process improvement ideas to build sustainable solutions for you.


We continue to use RMC because of the level of service they provide. Their product quality is great, but the service is what really sets them apart. They’ve partnered with us with other issues including regulatory issues here in Massachusetts, which were challenging for us to do on our own, and their help has been instrumental in allowing us to meet those requirements.

Joseph C. Ronchetti, Facilities Manager, State Garden, Inc

I was introduced to Rochester Midland biological technology four years ago. I was impressed with the positive impact that these biological solutions have on my own employee’s health as well as my customer’s health and safety. The first time I used these products on a sewage job, the results were amazing!.

John Sobeck of FGS

Look What's Happening...

Facility Hygiene Solutions Launches New Training and Support Online Resource

We understand finding a solution on the fly for: How do I get this coffee out of this carpet now? I don't have time to go get the extractor, there is a meeting in 10 minutes. Find that solution Here

Or how to choose the best portion controlled, closed package/safe systems, with green certified products Dispensing & Application Equipment. Find out Here.

Now you can access valuable resources at your finger-tips when you need them in real time Here

News and Events...


Rochester Midland Corporation (RMC) has acquired Montreal-based Québec-O-Chimie (QOC). RMC announced on Monday that the acquisition is effective immediately.

A leader in water treatment, QOC has specialized in manufacturing a complete range of chemical water treatment products for cooling towers, closed-loop heating, cooling systems, steam boilers, and wastewater since 1965.

“We are excited to welcome QOC’s customers and sales team to RMC,” says RMCs’ Co-CEO Brad Calkins. “We’ve been operating in Canada since 1903, and our commitment to the Canadian economy and communities around the country is well-established.

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How Reverse Osmosis For Boiler Feedwater Boosts Corrugator Efficiency

High-purity steam is the formula for producing premium quality at high speed for many industries. One such case is the corrugated box production process.

Boiler feedwater quality impacts the purity of the steam. If your job is keeping production on track, you know all too well steam purity in turn affects the corrugator’s speed and efficiency.

All that to say, the boiler pretreatment equipment you enlist to do the job is essential to improving boiler steam quality and avoiding scaling or foaming. These issues reduce boiler operational efficiency and cause tubes to fail.

Popular pretreatment equipment for steam boilers includes:

  • Water softeners
  • Filters
  • Dealkalizers
  • Demineralizers

What you don’t see on that list? Reverse osmosis (RO) units. An emerging, groundbreaking application, reverse osmosis for boiler feedwater can eliminate 95-98% of your problems in one process.

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