RMC history is rich in initiatives regarding health, the environment and the bottom line. 2010 was a formative year for RMC in its involvement in the sustainability movement. After formally linking ourselves to the movement in 2008 by becoming a corporate partner with the Golisano Institute for Sustainability within the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), we began in earnest to formalize our processes.

Our leadership team believes in sustainability's importance to both our Company and to our customers and we have shifted to this focus in everything we do. Working with a local university, we created a sustainability training program. In 2013 we trained all of our sales people - globally. We intend to take this even further by offering the program to our customers to enable us to bring them to Rochester for sustainability certification as well.

29 ways to save the world

Our formal Mission Statement calls for us to bring value to all of our stakeholders. We recognize these as our customers, our employees, our shareholders, and the communities in which we live and work. Our mission is well aligned with the 3 legs of sustainability. Please see our current Sustainability Report.

We offer programs to our customers that positively impact their profitability, their impact on the environment, the safety of humankind in general as well as our customers' employees, and that minimize energy and water usage. We have formalized a program whereby we work with our customers to identify areas of improvement that have such positive impact; we call these improvement goals joint process improvements (JPI). We are quantifying the financial and environmental impact from these initiatives.

RMC's efforts were noticed early as we were the focus of a television documentary highlighting our successes. Several of our customers, interviewed in the documentary, told of how RMC had impacted their efforts to be more sustainable. See the video on this page. Through our research efforts, we are creating new technologies that support our customers' own sustainability efforts. An example is the recent launch of solid product chemistries for water treatment purposes reducing water usage, freight fuel usage, labor involvement, and container manufacturing costs and waste. And we are continuing our strategy of developing products that can be certified green by a third party.

RMC practices and results bring value to our employees in ways that are also well aligned with the movement. Our safety focus and record has been exemplary. We providing training and programs for employees to help them advance their stations in life, that help them stay healthy, and that bring fulfillment for them while creating positive financial performance for RMC. And as the Company performs financially, employees are directly linked through profit sharing programs that have been in place for many years.

The communities around us are impacted via programs we run for underprivileged youth, through a leadership role in supporting the United Way, through donations made to multiple specific charities, time given to others by our leadership team and other employees, and through our adoption of a local elementary school in Rochester to advance the learning of hundreds of youngsters at a critical time in their education.

We practice full compliance with environmental and other regulations - both to the letter as well as the spirit of all rules - in our manufacturing, distribution, and use of our products.

We have created a strong base within the green and now sustainable movement through our long history, and have over the last few years taken this to new levels. We believe RMC is uniquely positioned to positively impact the movement and our long range plans will continue to capitalize on our strengths, knowledge and expertise to even higher levels with our customers.