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We are always striving to improve our impact on the environment, on the health and safety of our team members, and on our customers’ businesses or organizations, while making the communities we serve better places.

We are pleased to openly share our activities and performance through Sustainability Dashboard LLC, which displays our energy and water consumption, carbon emissions, and efforts made to our facilities and our customers' businesses through 2020.


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An important step on our journey of sustainability was the LEED certification of our Ogden, NY Corporate Headquarter facility in 2011. Since then we’ve made numerous improvements including:

  • LED lighting upgrades.
  • A massive improvement in 2020 to a state-of-the-art water filtration system to reduce impact of our waste water discharge.
  • All of our team members are given a free day each year to spend volunteering with an organization of their choice.
29 ways to save the world


While our internal operations are important, we realize we can do more by helping our customers with their sustainability initiatives.

  • We have offered 3rd party certified cleaning products since 2002 providing decades of safer products used throughout the world.
  • We offer chemical safety training to all customers so their employees are safer and they reduce risk to building occupants.
  • Our Water Energy group helps customers improve their boiler and cooling tower systems which often results in less energy and water used.


Sustainability is a journey for RMC. One that is important to all of our team members. We realize that our operations and the products and services offered to our customers have an impact on people and the environment. It's our belief that we can provide necessary cleaning and sanitation programs for our customers but in ways that are safer for their employees and reduce their environmental impact. The same is true for our internal operations. The choices we make every day impact all of our lives in the future, and we are proud to stand behind our choices and efforts in sustainability.