Total Water Management

water management

Rochester Midland Corporation has been in the water energy business for many years and services customers of all sizes in many industries. We offer sustainable programs that successfully balances social equity (People), economic prosperity (Profit) and environmental health (Planet).

Rochester Midland offers sustainable programs for boilers, cooling systems and wastewater treatment. Each of these programs is designed to positively impact your employees, the environment and may save you money.

Our business is to understand your business, and enable you to focus on goals that matter to you. By identifying your needs, implementing integrated solutions, and providing comprehensive training and support, RMC can help optimize your operations, educate your employees, improve your work environment, and continually identify improvement opportunities.

We have experienced personnel that will find ways to make your facility more efficient, improve employee safety, lower water, energy and chemical usage and improve your financials. Many thousands of dollars have been saved by customers working in conjunction with RMC.

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