Biomedical Research Environments

Through the RMC LabGuard Biomedical Research Service Program, we provide the critical backbone for the health and well-being of human beings and animals. This valuable research must be conducted within an environment that promotes research integrity and animal welfare.

The RMC LabGuard Program provides the technical expertise for both. As a chemical sanitation partner, we will design a comprehensive program to address cage wash, animal room cleaning and disinfection, surveillance, and validation.

Our comprehensive LabGuard Program will bring comfort to those who matter most: your principal investigators, customers, and the animals that you care for.

Customer Testimonial:

"Our biggest challenge is to apply the chemical to our larger runs and caging. The RMC Reps are currently correcting that problem. I am impressed with their diligence to this problem.  I have been extremely happy with the service, product and professionalism of the RMC Reps on the sales and service part of the process.  They both fix any issues that arise in a quick and proficient manner.  They make my life easier for sure.   On the customer service end,  they have been awesome. Helping navigate our Purchasing Department in the ordering process.  Hopkins has many layers to deal with in this process and customer service has been professional and very helpful in expediting the process and getting the chemicals needed to us in a timely fashion."

-Steve Garvey, John Hopkins University


Various elements of our LabGuard Program are:

  • Multi-point inspections at each visit
  • Surveillance and validation
  • ATP and temperature tape validation
  • Detailed service reporting
  • Dispensing and allocation equipment

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