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Restroom Hygiene, Hand Hygiene, Air Fresheners, Surface Disinfection and Feminine Hygiene

Protect Your Workplace During COVID-19

Hand Hygiene and Restroom Services for Health and Safety

WellBeing Hygiene™ offers full-services to workplaces focused on hygiene, safety and comfort for your employees, customers or visitors. Whether you are preparing to return to work during the COVID-19 pandemic or already open and concerned about protecting your facility and people, choosing a hygiene service partner is a matter of trust.

Our consultants begin with an onsite survey and create a customized hygiene service program for restrooms, hand hygiene, surface disinfection, and air care tailored specifically for your needs. Our service team will then install and maintain all of your equipment on a predetermined schedule best suited for your workplace..



Listen to Joseph Fletcher's story.  He is a professional plumber using our Sanor system and restroom hygiene services since 1992:








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WellBeing Hygiene™ is part of the WellBeing® family of services.


We have been servicing restrooms for over 130 years...
But our focus now is the challenging times we are all facing. 
Listen to how others have solved their hygiene challenges with our full-service programs.

WellBeing Hygiene's Feminine Disposal service has been on our campus since August 2013. We implemented the touch free pedal unit in our first year female student Residence Hall, we were so happy with the student satisfaction feedback and the no plumbing issues as a result of the service that we have implemented the service in other Residence Halls and living environments on campus. Their staff is personal, professional and some of the sweetest women you will find. They make the service seamless, prompt and almost invisible to the students living in the rooms.

Barbara Morgan Director of Housing & Residence Life Methodist University

As result of WellBeing’s services, the drains in the restroom are maintained and there is no need to call plumbers. The janitorial service does not have to do as much cleaning. The WellBeing services we have installed keep the restrooms nice and clean and fresh. It really keeps our costs down.

Mike Wilkerson Corporate Facilities Manager

Berry College is proud of the fact that we have the largest campus in the world with over 28,000 acres. We have many buildings that use WellBeing’s comprehensive services. WellBeing’s technicians are all trained in blood borne pathogens and their disposal according to OSHA standards

Brad Barris Purchasing Director Berry College

Fieldale Farms is regulated by the US Department of Agriculture. WellBeing’s services help us exceed the strict sanitary regulations. It has been a positive factor in the use of our restrooms for our employees.

Clint Scroggs Safety Director, Fieldale Farms

I think I could probably get rid of coffee before I could get rid of WellBeing’s services. The quality of our restrooms for our customers, visitors, and employees has not been a problem since we implemented WellBeing.

Bill Simmons Facilities Manager, Agilysys

I am writing to recommend the services of Rochester Midland. I have been using RMC for my facility, Vaughan Mills Shopping Center, for four years now…..I have always been completely satisfied with RMC. They deliver a great service. I’m happy to recommend the services of Rochester Midland…

Lloyd Roberts Operations Manager, Vaughn Mills Mall