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Carpet Care

Carpets leave an impression.

Clean carpets are important to keep your facility looking good, as well as keeping it safe and healthy for building occupants. Rochester Midland offers a wide variety of carpet and upholstery cleaning products for all of your housekeeping needs.


Removing organic stains is easy with Proxi® Spray and Walk Away. There is no scrubbing, blotting, or brushing with this CRI approved spotter. 

We also offer a variety of carpet cleaners for prespray, extraction cleaning, spotting, deodorizing, and sanitizing, including several Enviro Care® and biological cleaning products.

What Our Customer's Say About Us:

"I had a bottle of Proxi in our permanently-parked snowbird fifth-wheel in southwest Florida. Unfortunately, Hurricane Ian flooded-out our RV and it was declared a write-off. We went down in November to undertake salvage and, while doing so, stayed at a good friend's Airbnb. In the carpeted den of the house, in a corner, I noticed a fairly large stain. I retrieved my Proxi from the rig. Presto! Stain lifted to the point you could just ever so faintly see it. I showed my friend. You should have seen the look on his face! He said: "How did you do that? I paid a cleaning service two different times to get that stain out!" Thank you Proxi! ... even after having sat for over two (2) years [thank you, COVID] underneath the RV sink in the FL heat."   Canadian Customer

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