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Floor Care Simplified

Strip Away Some Pain of Maintaining Floors!

Having shining, clean floors is an important part of your housekeeping program, and the appearance of your facility. You also want durable, high gloss floor care products that are easy to apply. RMC offers a wide selection of resilient floor care programs for many applications. All programs are available with training and application charts for best results.

RMC's Enviro Care® Floor Care program includes EcoLogo® and Green Seal® certified floor coatings and Green Seal® certified Floor Stripper. This low maintenance floor care program is designed for durability, and less frequent strip cycles to help improve the health and safety of your workers and building occupants. We answer your Top 10 Questions when you're considering a Green Floor Care Program.  Read more about innovations in Green Floor Care products in our Blog Post on Nanotechnology: Small Leaps in Green Floor Finish.

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Our high performance floor care systems are designed to provide a "wet look" gloss, maximum protection and durability. Our low maintenance systems are designed for maximum durability and performance. Our flexible systems are extremely durable, but also respond well to frequent maintenance.

All floor care programs come together with Sustainability metrics to evaluate your impact on labor, hazardous waste, energy usage, water usage, and cost impact to maintain your facility's hard flooring. Do you know how much your Floor Care Program actually costs? Contact us to find out! 

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