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Infection prevention

Healthy Spaces. Healthy People.

Infection Prevention

RMC believes in cleaning for health. We understand that not only does your facility have to look clean, it has to keep building occupants safe and healthy. That is why you need an infection prevention program that takes a holistic approach to create healthy spaces.

Healthy Spaces, Healthy People Program Offers:

Surface Protection

Our wide variety of EPA registered disinfectant products are designed to clean, sanitize and disinfect hard surfaces. We also offer various dispensing options for disinfectants, including our EZ-Mix and SNAP! Systems, to help with portion control, worker safety and reduced cross contamination.

Quat Plus TB Product Information (US & Canada) (EPA Reg. No 1839-83-527)
Enviro Care® Neutral Disinfectant Product Information  (US)(EPA Reg. No 47371-129-527 and 47371-131-527)
Enviro Care® Neutral Disinfectant Product Information (Canada) (DIN# 02130661)
CP-64 Product Information (US) (EPA Reg. No 10324-93-527)

Contact Us to learn more about our full disinfectant line and how we can help develop a cleaning and disinfecting program to fit your needs.

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Hand Hygiene

Our hand care programs promote good hand hygiene with a wide variety of hand soaps and sanitizers to reduce the spread of germs.

Enviro Care Hand San Product Information (US Only)
Enviro Care Hand Soap Product Information (UL Certified) (US & Canada)
Enviro Care Cranberry Foaming Hand Soap Product Information (UL Certified) (US & Canada)

RMCs' training and certification programs educate workers about the proper use of cleaners and disinfectants, and the most important control points to maintain a safe and healthy environment. Our employees are Global Biorisk Advisory Council (a division of ISSA) trained to help you develop an infection prevention program. 
Sustainability metrics bring it all together, measuring effectiveness of your infection control programs to ensure you are meeting your objectives for a safe and healthy facility. 
Contact Us for information on these and our other infection prevention offerings.