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Food Safety & Sanitation Training with TrainingGuard®

The industry has consistent and ongoing changes with regulatory standards, GFSI updates, intensified safety legislation and other business conditions.. The goal of these changes has always been to make food and beverage products safer for families to consume.  These important and regular changes put pressure on manufacturers. On-going changes require frequent training, but regular training is becoming increasingly difficult due to labor turnovers. The consequences of inconsistent training can be significant for a manufacturer.

We are here to help with your training. Training is important part of our BrandGuard® program and our commitment to our partnership.

Customer Testimonial "Your rep introduced a great way of training through the chemical safe handling online course which is a great idea and ties in with SQF requirements. This way there is no more one-on-one training and individual testing to see what each associate knows and identifies what areas need more training"


Below you will find a sampling of our TrainingGuard sanitation programs.


An overview of the Big 8 and the prevention of cross-contamination.


BrandGuard® On-Line Training is bi-lingual and covers a variety of topics including GMPs, the 8 steps of sanitation, and soil and chemistry options.

Chemical Safety

Virtual or in-plant training provided on the proper handling of chemicals.


Understanding how employee hygiene and movement can impact microbial migration.


Touches a number of topics including the type of soils found in food processing, foaming cleaning advantages, SSOP examples and how to properly select detergents and sanitizers.


Optimize the results of using CIP/COP with correct chemistry.

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