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The TrainingGuard component of the BrandGuard Program was designed to provide critical sanitation training around major food manufacturing challenges to plant employees and management to maximize their skill level in the areas required to be effective and to maintain a stellar food safety and sanitation program. 

Training programs are offered in many areas including GFSI, sustainable and green solutions, GMP and microbiology.

Customer Testimonial "Your rep introduced a great way of training through the chemical safe handling online course which is a great idea and ties in with SQF requirements. This way there is no more one-on-one training and individual testing to see what each associate knows and identifies what areas need more training"

Below you will find a sampling of our TrainingGuard sanitation programs:

  • Allergen
  • BOLT (BrandGuard On-Line Training)
  • Chemical Safety Training
  • Chemistry of Cleaning
  • Employee Hygiene Practices
  • Listeria and Mold Control
  • Microbiology and Sanitation

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