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The Experts you Need when Productivity and Profitability
Can't be Compromised.
When you work with an experienced RMC corrugated industry expert they not only know the importance of maximizing the life of your equipment, but they also know the impact clean, dry steam has on production.


They Know...
  • How to train operations personnel on the importance of water treatment and the impact high-quality steam has on the corrugating process
  • How to minimize carry-over and wet steam when it comes to troubleshooting industrial boilers 
  • How to help increase production
  • How to reduce utility costs
  • How to best utilize Reverse Osmosis (Pull out differentiator Value RMC Brings) Learn More on Reverse Osmosis For Boilers Here


They are Experienced Wastewater Consultants Who...

  • Simplify the treatment process
  • Improve safety through minimizing the risks associated with handling hazardous liquid chemicals Learn More About Clay Polymer Technology for the Corrugating Industry Here
  • Maintain environmental regulations
  • Provide ongoing training to operations personnel
  • Understand the entire corrugating process, not just the boiler and wastewater treatment requirements
  • Are proactive by continuing to look for opportunities to improve your overall process
  • Assist in monitoring boiler operations, checking the deaerator and high-pressure receiver temperature and pressure
  • Actively look at the steam showers and the impact that the steam has on the corrugating process
  • Assist with improving the results of the starch process
  • Provide the equipment, chemical treatment products, and application technology to
  • Help you achieve your goals
  • Lower energy and water costs
  • Increase profit
  • Meet environmental discharge regulations


They Have Close Relationships with Steam System Suppliers that Specialize in the Corrugating
Industry Who...

  • Work together to help prevent and solve problems
  • Work together when a new DA, HPR or Boiler is installed so that the treatment process is done correctly from day one
  • Provide state of the art chemical feed and monitoring equipment that meets the needs of your operation


Corrugated case study

The RMC corrugated technical specialist is connected to all levels within the corrugating plant, from the Plant Manager to the Boiler Operator. This includes EHS, production, and maintenance, we are an integral part of the team with many of the world’s most successful corrugating companies. 

RMC understands the production process and can ensure equipment is adequately protected during non-production hours. Such as protecting off-line deaerators and high-pressure receivers, or ensuring the wastewater is within compliance during pit cleanings and starch kitchen dumps. It is RMC’s goal that the steam systems are always kept operating at peak efficiency, the life of Plant assets is maximized, and sustainable solutions are provided to keep plant personnel safe.


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