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Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater Treatment


Environmental regulations and public concern for environmental issues are continually on the rise. Almost daily there is an increase in your level of responsibility as an operator of a waste treatment plant.

Zero Discharge, Water Recycling, Environmental Compliance, Surcharges, BOD - COD - FOG Removal, Metals removal, odor elimination, oil separation and the recent enactment of the newest Disinfection By Product Rule (DBPR) regulations... these are only some of the issues facing industry today.

RMC is a recognized leader in the wastewater treatment industry, with extensive experience in nearly all types of manufacturing wastes. We have a wide variety of solutions to offer you to clear up your wastewater and stay in compliance.

Our Technical Specialists will work on-site with your team to develop a program centered on meeting your environmental goals and reducing your costs. 

Save on operating costs and promote your environmental stewardship.