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Cleaning & Disinfecting Services

WellBeing Hygiene offers cleaning & disinfecting Services for restorative fixture cleaning, restroom deep cleaning and antimicrobial surface coatings.  We realize that your daily cleaning doesn't always cut it.  And restorative and deep cleaning is just too time consuming and difficult to schedule.  Our reliable services keep those important, but hard to schedule tasks, on a fixed service schedule to keep your surfaces protected and your restrooms looking great.

Fixture Deep Cleaning Service

  • Monthly deep cleaning to remove hard water and mineral build up on toilet and urinal fixtures
  • Utilizing tamed acid cleaning products that work hard but aren't too harsh on your surfaces
  • Remove heavy build up that your daily cleaning just can't keep up with

WellClean Deep Cleaning Service

  • Floor to ceiling restroom deep cleaning service with power washing system
  • Safe, effective cleaning products that combine powered equipment to deep clean floors, grout, walls, and fixtures
  • All decorative surfaces or items fully covered and protected
  • Full removal of spent cleaning solution down drains and thorough rinsing

Antimicrobial Surface Coating Service

  • Protect high touch and high risk surfaces with EPA registered antimicrobial surface coating
  • Antimicrobial coating provides long lasting protection against bacteria on hard surfaces (see EPA label for complete list of applications and claims)
  • Coatings applied through high quality equipment, including approved electrostatic sprayers, by trained Hygiene Service Represenatives.
  • Only available in United States

ATP Surface Testing Service

  • Monthly testing services with ATP meter to provide quantitative measures on identified surfaces
  • Offered with or without Antimicrobial Surface Coatings
  • Build baseline with quantitative measure to determine effectiveness of cleaning and sanitation programs on hard surfaces
  • Assure employees, clients, and visitors that all efforts are made to ensure effectiveness of hard surface cleaning programs
  • Utilize data for targeted improvements in cleaning and sanitation efforts
  • All results tracked, and trended within monthly summary report
  • Testing performed by trained Hygiene Service Representative

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