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Sanor Case Study

Customer saves $32,500 in annual saving – a Case study

Odor free and clean restrooms are essential to present a positive experience for employees and visitors (especially in a pharmaceutical manufacturing environment). At one of our client facilities we noted that all urinals had significant uric scale formation which was slowing the flow on flushes resulting in overflow issues. Uric acid scale formulation and the resulting overflow and odor issues in restrooms were a major irritant for this customer. The customer had to regularly hire a licenced plumber to remove the urinals and manually clean the drain lines and traps.

Within only a few months of regular use of the Sanor V concentrate in the urinal drips, the surface tension of the water reduced and this dislodged the sediments and loosened the uric acid deposits.  Once the scale was removed, the Sanor V concentrate helped to keep the surface clean and prevented further formation of these deposits.

Total realized annual savings: $ 32,500

The customer saved -

  • Estimated Labor cost for licensed plumber
  • Estimated hours to complete the job
  • Estimated hours and labor cost for janitor to clean up after plumber
  • Estimated chemical cost for the janitors
  • Never exposing employees, visitors, guests, customers to the hazards of bacterial cross contamination and foul odors

$275/hour in this case
5-10 hours
2- 4 hours
$10/clean up


We provided

  • a total solution for the elimination of uric scale
  • This program more than paid for itself!!  Cost -$12,000 and Savings - $32,500.
  • The program provided a Sustainability return which the customer used to achieve its goals.

Sanor Mark V units provide continuous cleaning action and promotes the use of sustainable technology.

Sanor Mark V units are the only totally sustainable technology for health and safety plus odor control in washrooms.