Clean for Sustainability

Founded in 1888, Rochester Midland Corporation (RMC) is a leading manufacturer of specialty chemicals for food sanitation, industrial cleaning and water treatment as well as facility maintenance and restroom care programs.

Our HACCP-based BrandGuard® Program offers solutions to food manufacturers across all aspects of food safety including brand protection and sustainable solutions.

Rochester Midland is the leader in Green Housekeeping and manufactures Enviro Care®, an extensive line of environmentally preferable products for all markets, as well as many other bio-based products.

RMC Water Energy programs for cooling towers, boilers and other closed loop programs save energy through improved heat transfer efficiency by removing existing deposits and preventing future deposits. The wastewater treatment programs increase water reuse, decrease solid waste and ensure compliance with wastewater discharge requirements.

Long involved with green initiatives and other sustainable efforts, RMC began formalization of its Sustainability efforts in 2010, with the publication of its first Sustainability Report. Rochester Midland is committed to developing sustainable solutions for health, productivity and the environment.

Sustainable Solutions for Health, Productivity and the Environment

Featured Program

Professional Restoration Program

Designed for use by restoration professionals in water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, odor control, fuel oil cleaning and carpet cleaning, our restoration cleaning program harnesses the power of live bacteria to travel to normally unreachable areas for cleaning, to break down soils into water and carbon dioxide, and to provide safer products for your workers and clients. PRS products continue to work long after initial application and reduce call backs.


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Restoration Products are UL/Ecolog Certified

PRS Water Damage PreClean and PRS Water Damage PostClean are UL/EcoLogoM certified. Biological (bacteria-based) cleaning helps break down soils and odors in water damage restoration. The PRS cleaners get the job done quickly, are safer for the environment and people and continue to protect the area long after use.  

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