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New Thymox professional cleaning products now available across Canada

Posted by Bill Gambacort


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Sherbrooke, Quebec, March 16, 2022 – Laboratoire M2 is very pleased to announce a new strategic partnership between Rochester Midland Canada Corporation, a subsidiary of Rochester Midland Corporation and Thymox SF, a subsidiary of Laboratoire M2, the company behind the creation of the THYMOX brand and technology. Marketed under the name THYMOX MultiSurface, these new disinfectant products, based on a botanical active ingredient, can be sourced within Canada throughout Rochester Midland’s distribution partners, effective immediately.   

A pioneer in the manufacturing and marketing of ecological disinfectant products for the industrial and institutional market, Thymox SF  has  developed  this  new multi-purpose disinfectant  to  offer  professionals an effective alternative to traditional chemicals. As the world leader in environmental cleaning technology, Rochester Midland has been extensively recognized for bio-based formulations, and in cleaning programs that improve human health, productivity and the environment.  

 "Our association with Rochester Midland will allow us to reach a greater number of professionals in the emergency disaster restoration and remediation marketplace. The upward trend in demand for sustainable sanitary products has been constant for several years, which is why it is important to us that all distributors are able to easily get their hands on THYMOX MultiSurface" declared Ulysse Desranleau Dandurand, Vice President of Sales at Laboratoire M2. 

THYMOX botanical active ingredient products are among the only ones officially authorized by Health Canada to fight the virus causing COVID-19; laboratory tests confirm that Thymox disinfectant solutions eliminate this virus in less than a minute on hard surfaces.  

Bill Gambacort, Rochester Midland North American General Manager for the Professional Restoration Group stated “Laboratoire M2 aligns well with our leadership position in the specialty chemical manufacturing industry since 1888 including RMC’s pioneering position on the development of sustainable solutions” Mr. Gambacort went on to say ”THYMOX MultiSurface is a game changer for the Canadian Botanical Disinfectant space with unparalleled Health Canada D.I.N registered kill claims and efficacy. THYMOX MultiSurface is best in class.”  

The technology behind Thymox 

Thymox technology is based on the effectiveness of the antimicrobial properties of thymol, an active ingredient of botanical origin. It is made with more than 98% renewable ingredients,  is  biodegradable, non-irritating and low toxic. In addition to their excellent disinfectant properties, the users of these ready-to-use products greatly appreciate  their very low toxicity and  cleaning power, and this, in a single step, without rinsing. 

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About Thymox SF 

Thymox SF is a subsidiary of Laboratoire M2 Inc., a company based in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada. Laboratoire M2  has an excellent reputation for innovation and expertise in environmentally friendly and sustainable disinfection technology and biosecurity products, under the THYMOX® brand. The company markets a range of biodegradable, high-performance and safe antimicrobial products based on its technology platform in three business units. Animal health products, which include THYMOX HOOF® and THYMOX Footbath®, are sold around the world and are used to control bacteria that cause digital dermatitis (DD) in cattle. In the field of crop protection, Laboratoire M2 products are sold in the United States and Canada under the THYMOX Control® and THYMOX Gro® brands. Professional and retail disinfectants using THYMOX® technology are used in surface disinfection and distributed under various national and international agreements. 

About Rochester Midland Corporation 

RMC is a family-owned business that was founded in Rochester, New York in 1888 and opened its doors in Canada, as Canadian Germicide, in 1903. Rochester Midland is ISO 9001:2015 registered company.  Rochester Midland is based in Ogden, NY with operations throughout North America while also serving customers in over 50 countries through our subsidiaries and partners. 

RMC’s six divisions include Professional Restoration, Water Treatment, Food & Beverage, Facility Hygiene, WellBeing Hygiene, and its International Division with operations throughout Latin America, the Middle East and the Asia Pacific region 

Rochester Midland is pleased to introduce THYMOX MultiSurface, along with the most innovative concept in cleaning to ever be offered to the restoration professional. The Professional Restoration Series (PRS) follows standards set by Rochester Midland within the housekeeping industry by the Enviro Care products. The PRS cleaning solutions meet the most rigid environmental standards available while providing tremendous improvement in health, productivity and safety for end users. 

To receive additional information including where to source THYMOX MultiSurface please contact: 

Bill Gambacort bgambacort@rochestermidland.com or call 905-971-6251. 

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