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Feminine Hygiene Waste Disposal

Feminine Hygiene Waste Disposal Service

WellBeing Hygiene™ offers a full-service model to workplaces focused on hygiene, safety, and comfort for your employees and customers. Our restroom hygiene services are built on trust. Our team begins with an onsite survey to create a customized service program for your feminine hygiene waste disposal tailored specifically to your needs. A reliable Service Technician will then install and service all of your equipment on a predetermined schedule best suited for your workplace.


Feminine Hygiene

Waste Disposal Services

  • Touch free units discourage flushing sanitary products and reduce blockages by 100%
  • Closed unit decreases risk of cross-contamination and exposure to blood-borne pathogens
  • Modesty flap decreases risk of exposure to sanitary waste disposed of by previous users
  • Consistent service prevents overflowing containers
  • Labor and cleaning costs reduced
  • Exposure of staff to unsanitary conditions reduced
  • No changing wax/plastic liners in traditional units

Feminine Hygiene Bins

Read what experts say is the #1 Bacterial Hot Zone in Female Restrooms

Our Safe Servicing Reduces Risk By:

  • Disposal bins removed and replaced with clean, disinfected units
  • Each bin is cleaned and disinfected, inside & out, with an EPA registered disinfectant
  • WellCards are placed in each unit to continually eliminate odors
  • Service Technicians are trained and certified in safe handling and proper disposal of bloodborne pathogens


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