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Sanor Products

No Splash with Optimum drain flow - Urinal Screens with micro tubes

  • ScreenSignificantly reduces the spread of germs throughout a facility
  • Lasts more than sixty days
  • Meets the “Purchase of Sustainable Cleaning Products and Materials” criteria under the LEED point management system
  • VOC Compliant – Zero ozone depleting ingredients
  • Releases billions of optimized bacteria that clean the urinal
  • Reduces splash back, cutting cleaning time by up to 50%.
  • Ensures optimal drain flow while trapping debris

Quality products that prevent unpleasant urine smell from spreading and protect your floors.

  • Antimicrobial fabric from the urinal and commode mats neutralizes the smell of urine
  • Antimicrobial fiber disinfects and kills bacteria in urine that cause odor and infection
  • Floor Mats designed for both toilets or urinals
  • Installed and replaced monthly by WellBeing Hygiene Client Technical Service representative
  • These mats protect the floors from uric acid odor and damage
  • They also prevent tracking of urine outside of restroom
  • Prevents risk of slippage thus eliminates the risk of accidents
  • Time spent cleaning restroom floors is decreased
  • Reduction in cleaning chemicals consumed