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Toilet & Urinal Services

Restroom odors give facilities a negative impression to customers, employees, and guests. Air care helps but doesn't get to the root of the problem, which typically comes from drains and grout. Our full service programs completely address the cause of restroom odors, so your customers, employees, and guests have confidence in your facilities.


Toilet & Urinal Drip Systems

  • Provide a consistent drip of cleaner and deodorizer
  • Removes buildup on fixtures and in pipes and drains to prevent plumbing surprises
  • Deodorizes with multiple fragrance choices
  • Installed and services on set schedule, ensuring consistent results

mark-VSanor Mark V
Various Fragrance Choices


Stylish Design
Custom Programming
White or Chrome Option

"Concentrates contain a unique blend of nonionic and cationic detergents. The detergency, wetting, and penetration, combined with regular flow of Sanor, helps keep restroom surfaces clean while preventing mineral and uric acid scale build up in toilets, urinals and in drains.". - RMC R&D Laboratory

Regular use of Sanor Mark V system helps prevent and eliminate uric acid and organic scale formation in urinals and toilets for annual savings of $32,500, more than covering the cost of the service program.

Read Full Case Study Here

Other services to keep restrooms clean and odor free...

Urinal-mat-circle-imgAntimicrobial Floor Mats
Changed Monthly to Keep Fresh
Protects Grout and Reduces Odors


Urinal Screens
Keeps Debris Out of Drains
Reduces Splashing on Floor/Grout
Various Colors and Fragrances


Drain Treatment
Monthly Floor Drain Treatment
Biological Odor Counteractant
EcoLogo 3rd Party Certified


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