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A Message From Our Co-CEO's Kathy Lindahl and Brad Calkins

As we move into the 5th month of this global pandemic, we are taking stock in what we have learned, what we have accomplished, and what we are grateful for in these trying times. At the very outset of the pandemic, the RMC team pulled together in unprecedented ways to keep our team members, our customers, and communities safe.

Our Core Values Guide Our Actions During This Time

Always Safe - Keeping our team members safe by issuing sanitizer, disinfectant, and PPE to all team members soon after the pandemic hit. Shipping a record volume of cleaners and disinfectants to keep our customers’ businesses safe and operational was crucial....

Better Together - We quickly adapted to remote work where possible, and those on the front line in essential positions worked together, despite the added risk of Covid exposure. We continued to service food & beverage plants and provide water treatment for commercial buildings and nursing homes, and essential manufacturing facilities. Our Facility Supplies division expedited much needed disinfectant to the NYC subway system, the White House, Library of Congress, and other important, essential facilities across North America. As businesses start to open, we look forward to advancing our offering for our WellBeing Hygiene group, now offering a hand sanitizer service among other important services.

Trust and Be Trusted - We thank our suppliers and customers for trusting RMC as your partners during this pandemic. We continued to deliver high quality products and services, along with informative blog posts, articles and training to help our customers. We also invested in new capital in both our U.S. facilities to increase output to meet the high demand.

Make Good Choices - Our commitment at the beginning of the pandemic was to keep our team members safe and employed, to price our products fairly and to make solid ethical decisions. We continue to meet those commitments.

Also, we’ve supported the Rochester community widely with donations of much needed hand sanitizer and disinfectants to essential workers, firefighters, police officers, nursing homes and hospitals.

While we all wish for the end of the pandemic so we can get back to some semblance of normalcy, we stand ready and willing to serve you in this time of great need.

Take care and be safe,
Kathy Lindahl and Brad Calkins

List N: Products with Emerging Viral Pathogens AND Human Coronavirus claims for use against SARS-CoV-2


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Hand Washing/Sanitizing Resources

HandGuard Handwashing Sanitizing

Protect Hygiene Program


Minimizing Risk in Domestic Water and Utility Water Systems During & After COVID-19

minimizing-risk-water-systems Read How to Minimize Risk  in Building Water Systems


Touchpoint Checklist

Download PDF.


Disinfect Custodial Closet Checklist

Download PDF.


Building Exteriors Checklist

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Disinfect office Checklist

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Disinfect personal Office Space Checklist

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Disinfect restroom Checklist

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Disinfect Gym Checklist

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Disinfect Hallway Checklist

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Disinfect Classroom Space Checklist

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Disinfect Stairs Checklist

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Disinfect Weight Room Checklist

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Disinfect Restroom Checklist

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Cleaning Product Resources & Training



Cleaning and disinfecting properly is on everyone’s mind. For best results make sure you have an EPA approved disinfectant cleaner and a clean laundered cloth.  

Spray the disinfectant on the cloth generously and practice routine cleaning of frequently touched surfaces. These include: Tables, doorknobs, light switches, countertops, handles, desks, phones, keyboards, toilets, faucets, sinks, and any other frequently touched surfaces 

For best results allow the surfaces to air dry to ensure the disinfectant cleaner has the appropriate contact time to kill those nasty germs.

covid-19 solutions chat boxDisinfecting Control/ Equipment

Quat Plus TB Instructional Flyer

Enviro Care Neutral Disinfection Instructional Flyer

RMC Backpack Disinfecting System

EC Hand Sanitizer Stand

Food Sanitation COVID-19 Resources

Food Industry Decision Tree

Employee Health and Food Safety Checklist for Human and Animal Food Operations

Infection Control

Infection control and preparedness are important parts of a healthy building to keep your workers, employees and visitors safe.

Government and Association Resources: 
Centers for Disease Control Disinfecting & Cleaning
See the 
OSHA COVID-19 Guidelinesfor more information on how to protect workers from potential exposures, according to their exposure risk.  
AIHA protecting worker health

Success stories / Community.