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Is there Equipment that will take the "Manual" out of Cleaning a Conveyor in a Food Plant?

Posted by Lauri Calarco


Have you considered what the proper piece of equipment could do to improve efficiency in the sanitation process? Using dispensing or cleaning equipment provides operational cost savings but also provides safety benefits. Quite possibly, it could provide even greater benefits if it eliminates the need to clean difficult equipment multiple times. Buying equipment adds upfront cost but generally provides a good return on your investment reasonably fast.

One example of effective sanitation equipment is the Brite Belt system. This is a plastic vessel that attaches to a conveyor belt. It has two compartments, one that holds a cleaner and one that holds a sanitizer. One side of the vessel holds a cleaning pad. The system moves up and down the conveyor belt to clean it, using the cleaning pad to scrub. It is easy-to-use, effectively cleans difficult soils, improves efficiency and reduces cost. With the time needed for sanitation reduced, it opens up additional time for production, if needed.

In one example, the manual process used before implementing the Brite Belt system included multiple sanitation workers cleaning a large conveyor belt that was soiled with sticky, melted chocolate. The process to remove that type of soil in cleaning required excess labor and time. Additionally, unnecessary chemical was used, and created a potentially unsafe environment. Implementing the Brite Belt system in this example greatly improved the process in a number of areas.

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