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7 Reasons to Make the Switch to Solid Chemicals for Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Posted by Vince Marcucci

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7 Solid Benefits of Making the Switch From a Liquid Chemical Program to Solids. 

1. Improved Safety

Splashing and spilling of highly acidic or alkaline chemicals can increase the risk of chemical exposure and inhalation incidents. It also creates hazardous areas and hazardous waste when liquid chemicals accumulate and dry inside containment basins. The use of solid product chemistry eliminates the potential for chemical spills and risks during shipping, application, and storage.

2. Maximize Floor Space

Keep floor space free from obstruction (unlike liquid-filled chemical drums and bulk tanks) optimize the square footage of mechanical rooms. Store cases of solid chemistry safely on shelves. No special containment is required.

3. Easily Transported to Difficult-to-Access Areas

Remove the safety concern of carrying awkward- to-handle 5-gallon pails. Often, pails are carried to a roof via ladder, or to a remote location. This heavy lifting unnecessarily increases the potential for back injuries. At just 11 pounds or less, solid chemistry poses little to no health risk.

4. Less Frequent Deliveries and Less Refills Required

Solid Chemistry discs are stacked in the dissolver (up to 4 per dissolver) and allows for complete product use. Replace product as needed and less frequently.

5. Sustainability

Solid chemistry packaging can simply be placed into a recycling bin. Liquid-filled drums typically require handling considerations, triple rinsing upon disposal due to their hazardous nature, and other restraints that come with associated disposal costs.

6. Increase LEED Potential

CO2 reduction is a direct result of switching to solid chemistry. Assuming a 2,000- ton average load at 5 cycles of concentration, switching from liquids to solids can reduce CO2 emissions by 56 tons annually. In addition, solid chemistry can help achieve LEED credits.

7. Increased Savings

Save on freight costs when shipping lightweight chemistry bottles and discs. Liquids can cost almost four-times the amount of solids to ship. In addition, increase savings with solids as they do not require special containment or triple rinsing to comply with disposal requirements.

Solids Chemistry

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