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Spotlight on Odor Control Solution for Industrial Laundries

Posted by John Ritchie

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RMC recently provided a solution for an industrial laundry customer who was receiving odor complaints. The problem was associated with an odor in the plant air and re-use wash water. This unpleasant odor was negatively impacting employees and laundered garments. RMC was able to resolve this problem through the recommended use of product Augment L-25.

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Augment L-25 works to remove odor through a chemical process known as adsorption. This process works in the same way activated carbon adsorbs odors. Odor causing chemical compounds are attracted to and adsorbed onto the surface of the rare earth deposits contained in Augment L-25.  Augment L-25 also contains nutrients and helpful bacteria that change the respiration process away from the sulfur cycle.  Therefore, using Augment L-25 helps prevent hydrogen sulfide from being produced. Hydrogen sulfide produces a rotten egg odor. Rotten egg odors in wastewater diffuse into the laundry plant and are adsorbed on the freshly laundered garments. Customer's complain about the odor on their garments and may even change service providers. Odor can prevent a plant from utilizing re-use water in the first stage of a wash cycle.


In a laundry plant the best place to feed Augment L-25 is as far upstream in the process as possible. One such place is the dirty pit immediately downstream of the wash alley. The best results are observed when the first dose is high and followed by subsequent daily additions of decreasing dosages until the odor is non-detectable. Based upon in plant experience, RMC will assist in determining the initial and subsequent dosages of Augment L-25. Some additional things to take note of: There is no chemical solution to a mechanical problem, so make sure the DAF is blown down at a minimum of once per day. Also, clean the pits and filter screens daily. This mechanical maintenance helps prevent the build-up of sludge which will go septic and cause odors not remedied by Augment L-25 alone.

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