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Choose an Ambient Scenting Partner for Improved Customer Experience

Posted by Jim Bruno


Customer experience is the single most important factor for business success. 

Businesses put a lot of effort into creating an inviting experience for their customers. They get creative with decor or add music to entice customers to stay longer. While these details drive a customer’s decision to spend money, sight and sound aren’t the only way to create a lasting customer impression.

Scent allows you to market to your customers in a non-invasive way

People are affected by smell, even when they are not aware of it. As scent is closely linked to memory and emotion, using the right scent will attract, retain, and impress customers.

Just as you give a lot of care to your visual decor, decorating with scent should be much more than an afterthought. An experienced ambient scenting partner helps you create a sensory experience with service that is tailored to your needs.  

What Your Ambient Scenting Partner Should Provide

Creating a pleasing aromatic experience is not as simple as tacking up air fresheners or diffusing discount-store scents. When adding sensory marketing to your business, consider partnering with a company that provides full service that includes: 

  • Premium fine fragrances – When you’re trying to create a high-end customer experience, you want to choose scents that reflect luxury. Cheap scents smell cheap. Scenting your facility with subpar fragrances could influence your customers to think of your brand as cheap.
  • Consultation with specialists to choose a scenting plan – How a space smells leaves an impression on your customers. Would a fresh linen scent work for your location or would green tea and lemongrass be more appropriate? A consultation helps you discover scents that fit your brand and the best way to deploy the scent in your space. 
  • Ambient scenting options – Whether you’re looking to add to the ambiance of a resort lobby or a casino gaming floor, scent solutions vary. Smaller spaces may only need a portable diffuser while larger spaces may need an HVAC diffuser.
  • Installation by a certified technician – With high-quality scenting comes high-quality machinery. Certified technicians ensure scenting devices are installed correctly and scents are diffused at just the right amount.
  • Monthly service for machine maintenance – You want scenting that is reliable and hands-free. Your ambient fragrance partner should maintain and service the equipment. 
  • Full regulatory compliance/VOC compliant fragrance – The last thing you want is to diffuse scents that pose a health or environmental risk. Your ambient scenting partner should offer scents that comply with government regulations. 

What to Ask a Potential Ambient Scenting Partner 

If decorating with scent is part of your customer experience strategy, make sure your fragrance service provider helps you create quality sensory appeal. 

Here are some questions an ambient scenting partner should be able to answer: 

  • Do fragrances meet IFRA standards?
  • Are fragrances CARB compliant?
  • Does the fragrance company provide safety data sheets or ingredient disclosures?
  • What type of warranty is offered on diffusers?
  • Is custom scenting available?
  • Who installs and maintains diffusers?
  • What happens when equipment needs maintenance or repair?
  • Do I have to handle inventory or change scents?
  • Can scent levels be adjusted or customized by area?
  • How many fragrance options are available, and do they suit my brand?
  • How will waste fragrance be handled and disposed of?
  • Who will perform a site survey to determine the best applications and scent levels?

Choosing the right scenting partner can mean the difference between elevating your brand or connecting it with a bad experience.

Quality Fragrances Are Worth the Cost 

When you want that perfectly scented candle for your living room, you’re likely not going to a dollar store or bargain basement. The same applies to scenting your facility. Quality fragrances come at a cost and you can smell the difference. So can your customers.

How your facility smells says a lot about your brand. A luxury scent may evoke a sense of sophistication, helping customers think of your business when they want top-of-the-line service. A cheap scent does the opposite.

Not only can cheap scents offend your customers, but they can also harm their health and the health of your employees. Cheaper scents are often blended with chemicals that are known to have a higher concentration of volatile organic compounds and higher toxicity ratings. 

Scent Marketing: A High-Quality Service 

Some companies sell the diffuser and bottles of scented oil and let their customers take care of the rest. 

A quality commercial fragrance provider sells more than scents and devices. They provide a hands-free service that ensures your scenting needs are provided for. This means they take care of installation, maintenance, inventory, and refilling scenting machines. 

Combining high-quality scent solutions with professional service leads to improved guest experiences, better customer reviews, and increased foot traffic in your business. 

Create a Lasting Sensory Experience

Ambient scenting allows you to decorate with scent and leave a lasting impression on customers. Working with a trusted partner, you can craft a sensory experience that will please customers and keep them coming back.  

Rochester Midland Corp. is the exclusive North American service provider for SCENT::LINQ, a premium quality ambient scenting system with luxurious fragrances. Learn how Rochester Midland and SCENT::LINQ can help your business connect to your customers through ambient scenting.


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