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Clean Washrooms, Happy People

Posted by Vatsla Dubey


Have you ever wondered what are the sources of odors in washrooms?

To begin with, the leading cause of malodors in washrooms are toilets & urinals that release foul odors. Other causes are urine that dribbles under urinals, soil contaminants on the floors, unflushed toilets, and sewer gases coming through the drains, waste bins, feminine hygiene waste, and poor air flow, amongst others.

Customer Experience and Employee Experience is at an all time high in business today.

Odors, good or bad, are noticed by users, when they enter a place of business. Businesses that prioritize clean, odor free and hygienic washrooms, enjoy higher levels of customer and employee satisfaction. More than 50% of the customers tend not to return to a business where the washrooms were poorly maintained. Many others just leave without conducting business or complain to management, or, tell a friend. On the contrary, if the washrooms are clean, they are also liable to tell a friend.

WBH Clean Washrooms Happy People InfographicDecisions made by facility managers can thus have a significant impact on any business or work environment. They are the in-house experts on all matters related to the daily challenges of maintenance & good housekeeping. Very often, in-house or contracted cleaning staff do an excellent job of cleaning the washrooms, and a well-crafted odor control program compliments the great work they do. Odor neutralizing programs, allow restrooms to smell fresh and inviting, leaving behind, a pleasant experience. These days there are a variety of systems, that provide continuous cleaning & fragrance to eliminate odors at their source. These products and services have a significant impact on cleanliness, health, wellbeing, comfort, self-image, convenience and productivity. Partnering with an expert that can provide a total odor control & hygiene program service, allows facility managers to create welcoming experiences for their employees and clients alike.

Rochester Midland’s WellBeing Hygiene has been in the Restroom Hygiene Services business for over 130 years. This has afforded us the opportunity to understand, identify and solve various odor issues facing our clients. WellBeing Hygiene’s Restroom care service program is a turn-key, worry-free answer to consistently clean and odor-free washrooms.

If you would like to create a more hygienic and odor free environment for your guests and employees, please feel free to contact us at 1-888-836-7509, for a no obligation survey and trial of our chosen programs.

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