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Reimagine Life with COVID-19

Posted by Vatsla Dubey


Today, the world is looking forward to life after COVID-19, but in reality, we all need to adjust to life with COVID-19. Opinions about cleanliness and public health were in their infancy in 1918, when 1/3rd of the world population was affected by the Spanish Flu outbreak. Scientists and Governments learned that public health systems were essential to the wellbeing of everyone and that gave birth to public awareness, cleanliness and sanitary life for humans. These values traveled with humans and adjusted to life as the world developed in almost all fields whether it was technology, arts, pharmacology or transportation.

100 years later, with the arrival of COVID-19, our world once again is seeking a change. This change requires that businesses set up protocols and government regulations that promote safer environments.

Today, some industries such as travel industry or grocery chains, are at the brink of bankruptcy if, they fail to embrace change surrounding cleaning and sanitizing self and surroundings at work and in their homes. Focusing solely on businesses, almost all of them need to embrace change and have to be seen embracing change if they want to gain consumer trust. Creating a healthy and Sanitary work environment, cannot be considered an afterthought anymore by businesses. Lapse in cleanliness and hand hygiene have made consumers and businesses extremely hypersensitive. This time around businesses are accepting and relying on the expert advice of the cleaning and sanitizing industry experts.

So, what are the experts suggesting:

  1. Innovation to disinfect is not necessarily the best way to go: Many businesses are prospering these days that can provide gadgets to help conquer the spread of COVID-19 virus. Popular airlines such as Delta and South Western have employed electrostatic sprayers to discharge positively charged molecules on surfaces that disperse on contact. Hospitals and Hotels have invested in expensive HVAC systems that clean air. Large buildings have spent money for better filtration systems. Many businesses have also employed UV light to break microbes through radiation that can harm human health. But nothing beats human touch for professional cleaning of premises. Businesses need to invest money in disinfectants that are EPA certified and in increased frequency of cleaning. Companies, will go over and beyond in sending a message of they care about their patrons and employees, if they embrace this permanent change
  2. Facility confidence: The other permanent change that each company needs to invest in, is creating an environment that promotes a stronger focus on cleanliness. Companies can do that by allocating budgets for cleaning products and services and by stocking up on supplies so that they are not faced with shortages again.
  3. Wellness initiatives – Many progressive companies have established wellness initiatives, but these initiatives need to be revised to include emphasis on fresher and cleaner air; heightened cleaning standards and protocols to promote self and employee hygiene, for the WellBeing of employees. These initiates come with a cost, but it increases office health and productivity. Science has shown us that employees take fewer sick days and are more productive when they are healthy.

So, are you prepared to protect your employees? Really prepared?

Many countries are already anticipating a dreaded second wave. So how can companies prepare to protect their employees, customers and visitors to their locations? Businesses need to partner with companies such as RMC that have programs and services specially designed to Sanitize and Disinfect indoor environments. Purchasers and buyers need to invest only in sanitizing and disinfecting products that are EPA certified; can kill 99.99% of viruses and are safe for cleaning crews to use. Call your WellBeing Hygiene consultant to discuss ‘Protect Hygiene Program’ in more detail at 1.888.336.7509

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