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Declutter your janitorial closet

Posted by Adon Rigg

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Be honest. Have you ever opened your facility’s janitorial supply closet and wondered “Where in the world did all these products come from? Do we really need this many? Does my staff even know when and where to use each and every one of these chemicals, toxic or otherwise?”


If you have thought this, or something similar, you are not alone. Janitorial closets worldwide are notorious for having multiple—if not a multitude—of products. Often, there are several formulations that overlap in their duties due to worker or purchaser preference; sale pricing; multiple vendors; or a host of other reasons, including products being so buried by other products that no one remembers they are there!


The good news is, there is a viable alternative to this product mania, thanks to newer hydrogen peroxide-based formulations that can handle up to 80 percent of the cleaning—and disinfecting—tasks in the average facility.


Hydrogen peroxide-based cleaners are not new; they have been used with great success for more than 30 years in a variety of settings. Because of its antibacterial and antivirus properties, its use even includes many health care environments. So how come they are just recently becoming “the product of choice” by so many? It’s in part due to the three “S”s below.



One of the main drivers in the move to hydrogen peroxide-based cleaning formulas is greatly enhanced safety, that of the workers as well as other facility occupants. A “green” solution that both cleans and disinfects without toxic chemicals is better for human health and the environment. Hydrogen peroxide-based cleaners remove the need to mix potentially dangerous chemicals, that, as several restaurants experienced recently, can sicken and even kill on exposure. Having a single cleaner is also better ergonomically for workers than product laden carts, baskets or worse, arms.



While health is certainly a major driver of increased use of hydrogen peroxide-based cleaners, realists know that no such trend can succeed without attention to cost. Hydrogen peroxide is a relatively low-cost raw material, especially when bought in quantity and, therefore, provides a good margin for manufacturers and reduces the cost for customers. Similarly, using a single base solution, versus multiple, reduces storage, mixing, labeling, SDS, employee training and transportation costs—to name but a few—for the entire supply chain. Similarly, handling, storing and transporting fewer harsh chemicals also can mean lower insurance premiums and fewer workers compensation, legal and insurance claims for all facilities. And of course with labor accounting for up to 80 percent of the average budget of a building service contractor or in house cleaning staff, using one product saves time—and money.



As mentioned above, a hydrogen peroxide-based cleaner can replace a multitude of other products. It is effective on cleaning soils from multiple surfaces such as floors, mirrors, counter tops, and restroom fixtures to name a few. This not only reduces the number of products used, but it also means less training; it means fewer Safety Data Sheets to maintain and less product usages to track. One product replacing several also calls for less storage area, which can be a significant plus, especially in older buildings where storage space can be at a premium. And of course, what purchasing or accounting department ever complained about having fewer vendors and/or invoices to process?


Hydrogen-peroxide-based cleaners can’t replace all chemicals in all instances, but it can narrow the field and go a long way to “cleaning up” your janitorial supply closet. Given the benefits, if you haven’t already, now might be the time to consider this one.

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