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Advantage of Low Maintenance Floor Care

Posted by Adon Rigg

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Go Low to Aim High

In today’s cleaning world—where labor is time, time is money and floorcare can account for up to 80 percent of a facility’s cleaning budget

— it is no wonder that low-maintenance floorcare is taking center stage. If you are not already using such finish, now would be a prime time to consider switching. If you are in doubt, consider the facts below.


Staying Power

While most high-maintenance finishes shine when it comes to superior gloss, the majority of these finishes are much softer than their low-maintenance counterparts. This can mean while these high, labor-intensive products can produce an impressive mirror-like finish, it doesn’t last under the heavy traffic of a commercial space. So, while the floor in a retail space, for example, will look great when the doors open at 9 a.m., by noon (if not before) the floor can look dull and dingy and display scrape and scuff marks. That is not what you want—especially around the holiday season where you want customers to see your facility at its best.

Easy Upkeep

Traditionally, low-maintenance finishes require a slightly longer application time—workers usually had to burnish walking slower. However, technological advances have changed that dynamic. There are new floor coatings today that are non-metal crosslinked finishes, that dry quickly and produces a high-gloss finish that is longer-lasting because it is much harder, more durable and scratch-resistant. This means less frequent burnishing, stripping, and refinishing, all of which adds up to greatly reduced labor and product costs. Better yet, most low-maintenance polishes allow scuffs and scratches as well as dulling to be easily reversed with regular routine cleaning procedures versus the total redo’s often necessary with softer high-maintenance versions.


Enhanced Safety

In addition to lower labor costs, low-maintenance floor finishes offer enhanced worker and customer safety. Most of these finishes offer ANSI-certified slip resistance, while less frequent burnishing, striping, and re-applications mean less chemical exposure and physical labor for workers. And less burnishing equates improved indoor air quality for all facility users.


Consider the Facts

Nearly 91% of people select a store for its appearance while 42% judge a facility primarily by the cleanliness of its floors. Meanwhile, 1,000 people entering a building can track in up to 24 pounds of dirt over a 20-day period.


With statistics such as these—and your department’s responsibility to offset the damage and keep your floors in top shape while working within budget—isn’t it time you considered cutting your costs with a quality low-maintenance and sustainable floorcare solution?


Product Spotlight:

Perfect for Classrooms, Healthcare facilities, Office buildings, Hallways, Hospitals
Best used on: Concrete, Marble, Terrazzo, Slate, Linoleum, Sheet Vinyl, VCT, LVT



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