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Top 5 Reasons to Use Green Cleaning Products

Posted by Adon Rigg

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Conventional vs. Green Chemistry in Cleaning Products

Top 5 Reasons to Go Green

With today’s emphasis—finally—on cleaning for health vs. appearance and the need to preserve the environment, there has never been a better time to be green. But so you don’t forget why it’s best when possible to choose safer, less toxic cleaning products over most conventional formulations—or in case you are still debating the pros and cons—below is a Top 5 cheat sheet to remind you—or your boss—why it’s best to go green.

Health. There is no other reason that can claim the top spot. The toxicity of many conventional chemicals has been linked to everything from asthma and other lung inflammation to skin irritation, even cancer. In addition to the risks of direct exposure, there are dangers associated with mixing, storing and disposing of many traditional formulations.

Labor. There was a time when green chemicals underperformed to the point that they actually increased labor through the need to redo or frequently repeat processes. Today, however, there are not only effective green formulations but also ones that can actually save labor, such as nanotechnology floor finishes that coat floors faster, last longer and can be removed far easier than conventional finishes—all of which save labor and frees time for workers to perform other necessary tasks.

Cost. Until fairly recently, many green formulations were price-prohibitive; many facilities that wanted to “do the right thing” and use safer chemicals simply could not afford them. Fast-forward to today. As mentioned above, many green chemicals now available save significantly on labor while many offer more coverage for less product usage. Green products can also mean fewer workman’s compensation claims and other potentially costly legal issues.

Environment. As most of us know, another major reason to choose green when you can, is to help preserve and protect the environment. Besides being safer for its inhabitants, greener formulations are better for Mother Earth herself, causing less soil, air, plant and waterway pollution. Also, greener products usually (should) mean less packaging, which saves natural resources and energy by allowing more product per shipment.

Productivity. With the health issues associated with many conventional chemicals comes lost productivity. Numerous studies have shown that exposure to harmful chemicals can result in increased absenteeism from major health issues as well as headaches, lack of focus, and lethargy, all of which reduces worker productivity and, therefore, the bottom line.

So next time you reach for a potentially more toxic conventional cleaner, ask yourself if there isn’t a greener choice. Do this with every task you face, and soon you just might find your facility is healthier, more environmentally preferable, more fiscally responsible, and more productive.

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