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Are Your Floors Ready for Winter’s Wrath? Protect them with BUFFERALL!

Posted by Trevor Lane

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Winter often feels like the longest season of the year due to the long dark days, frigid temperatures, and everything that comes along with it. Including tough residues left on your facilities’ floors from snow, slush, ice melters, rock salt, sand and dirt.

Winter debris leaves white salt stains and can quickly wear out your floor finish which can result in expensive labor and refinishing costs or cause lasting damage.

One Product Does it All: Bufferall.

Clean and protect your floors all winter season with one product that does it all, Bufferall. Bufferall’s unique Green & Sustainable formula was designed to remove tough residues left behind by harsh winter conditions.
Bufferall will also clean the tough left-behind salt stains on your walk-off matting.

Aside from Bufferall’s effectiveness for maintaining and protecting floors here are several cost-saving benefits:

  • Bufferall avoids harsh acids, alkaline or solvents, it is mild enough to be used daily and still keeps your floor finish.
  • Its green formula is also ideal for removing coffee, tea and other tannin-based stains on floors and even carpets when followed by extraction.
  • Bufferall is non-corrosive, non-abrasive and comes in concentrate form, which adds to its cost-effectiveness as a daily floor cleaning solution.
  • And let’s not forget the bathroom where Bufferall shines all year by safely removing mineral and lime deposits and soap film from fixtures, windows, mirrors, and any other washable surface, including stainless steel.

Keep the winter blues away this year with floors that are clean and shiny, resulting in a favorable customer experience and extending the life of floors.

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