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Decorate with our Advanced Scent Diffusion System

Ambient Air Care Service

WellBeing Hygiene’s Ambient Air Care Service allow our clients to create their own unique environments so they can engage their customers’ memory and emotions through the sense of smell.

Along with a large fine fragrance collection, WellBeing Hygiene offers custom designed “signature corporate scents.”

  • Onsite scent customization session
  • Daily diffusion cycle settings based on specific facility size and hours of operation
  • Full installation of the scenting machines
  • Scent refilling on a monthly basis
Air Freshener Diffusion System

Multiple Diffusion Systems are available to suit every facility size and type.

Portable Scent Diffusion System is well suited to fragrance up to 3,000 square feet of any Retail stores, hotels and residence lobbies, waiting rooms, show rooms, spas, and auto dealerships

Modular Scent Diffusion System covers an area of up to 6,000 square feet and is ideal for common areas of use are hotel lobbies, retail stores, public restrooms, showrooms, shopping malls, and bars & restaurants.

The best fit for locations that are over 10,000 Square feet find Central Air is the (HVAC) Scent Diffusion System works best for them. We recommend the use of this HVAC system in indoor areas where central air conditioning is continuously used such as hotel lobbies, auto dealerships, large showrooms, fitness centers, spas, conference centers, large resorts, large retail stores, shopping malls, and airport.