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A Service Offering for all Spaces


Large space fragrance marketing attributes to higher profits, better emotional health and increased productivity. Find out how?

Customers are 100 times more likely to remember something they smell. 59% of customers spend more time in a store that smells good. Smells create memory stamps for human beings that allows them to remember a memory with 65% accuracy in a period of 12 months. Is it any wonder that more and more businesses are adopting fragrance market strategies to positively influence customers?



Decorate Casinos with Scents

Decades ago, fragrances were used in Casinos to mask odors. Today, however, Casinos employ fragrance systems to increase revenue and visits. As per one study, Las Vegas slot players spent 45% more money in a scented environment than those in an unscented location. Wellbeing’s Advanced scent Diffusion System, allows our clients to create their own unique environments so they can engage their customers’ memory and emotions through the sense of smell.

Contact WellBeing Hygiene to help you maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty. We will help you maintain an environment that is inviting, pleasant and maintained to perfection.



Nursing home

Decorate Assisted Living Homes, Nursing homes or Long-term care facilities with Scents

Studies have shown that emotional health of residents living in Long Term Care facilities, Assisted Living Facilities, Old Age Homes or Nursing homes can be adversely affected by the environment they live in. There's literally something in the air that communicates directly with the emotional part of human brain. Some fragrances help create positive impact on the cognitive behavior of the elderly.

WellBeing Hygiene’s fragrance consultants can help your facility create a harmonious environment where residents feel welcome, less stressed and comfortable. They will help you increase resident and visitor satisfaction and create an environment that cares for their WellBeing and is relaxing.



Shopping mall air feshening services

Decorate Shopping Malls with Scents

Happy customers tend to browse longer in the Shopping Malls. Studies have shown that Fragrances tend to influence purchasing behaviors. Keep the atmosphere upbeat by selecting from an array of fragrances that draw the crowds in and keep them uplifted, happy and browsing in the stores of their choice.



Hotel lobby

Decorate your Hotel Lobbies, Dealerships, Large Showrooms Fitness Centers, Spas and Wellness centre's with Scents

We understand that Car dealership is an extremely competitive business. Dealerships, want to keep clients in an environment that is friendly, inviting and pleasant. Clients are more likely to make a purchase if they get the feeling of Confidence and Integrity. Large Showrooms, fitness centres, Spas and Wellness centres, just like car dealerships want to create a similar environment that is memorable and helps create deeper relationships with clients.

Our fragrance consultants will help you create a brand identity that will decorate your place with a feeling of quality and style. Afterall, fragrances create a lasting impression, thus creating relationships that last a lifetime.



Movie Theater

Decorate Entertainment Lobbies Theaters or Movie theaters, waiting areas with Scents

Do you know the power of smell? The right smell creates an emotional, memorable and positive memory that encourages clients to revisit. Pleasant smells in waiting areas can convert the long tiring stay to a pleasant, inviting and friendlier experience. Savvy businesses are creating sensory brand with clients and reaping the benefit of repeat visits, thus increasing visibility, positive perception and profitability.

Reach out to our fragrance experts, who can help you create your unique brand.



Airport air freshening

Decorate Airport and Transit Lobbies with Scents

More and more transit lobbies and Airport Lobbies want to create an environment that influence customers perception by providing extra relaxing environment for the stressed travellers. They also need the environment to suggest clean, hygienic, inviting, comfortable space for the passengers. Lobbies and Loyalty club lounges of many airlines such as Cathay Pacific; Singapore Airlines; Emirates; Quanta’s are instantly perceived to provide Luxury and comfort to the weary traveller. Many cruise liners also provide relaxing environment to the excited tourists.

Let us help you create your signature brand. Let us help your customer perception soar high.



Happy lady breathing fresh air

Ambient Air Care Service

MistUintWellBeing Hygiene’s Ambient Air Care Service allow our clients to create their own unique environments so they can engage their customers’ memory and emotions through the sense of smell.

Along with a large fine fragrance collection, WellBeing Hygiene offers custom designed “signature corporate scents.”

  • Onsite scent customization session
  • Daily diffusion cycle settings based on specific facility size and hours of operation
  • Full installation of the scenting machines
  • Scent refilling on a monthly basis

Multiple Diffusion Systems are available to suit every facility size and type.

Portable Scent Diffusion System is well suited to fragrance up to 3,000 square feet of any Retail stores, hotels and residence lobbies, waiting rooms, show rooms, spas, and auto dealerships

Modular Scent Diffusion System covers an area of up to 6,000 square feet and is ideal for common areas of use are hotel lobbies, retail stores, public restrooms, showrooms, shopping malls, and bars & restaurants.

The best fit for locations that are over 10,000 Square feet find Central Air is the (HVAC) Scent Diffusion System works best for them. We recommend the use of this HVAC system in indoor areas where central air conditioning is continuously used such as hotel lobbies, auto dealerships, large showrooms, fitness centers, spas, conference centers, large resorts, large retail stores, shopping malls, and airport.


We have been very happy with our ScentLinq service from Rochester Midland. The fresh linen smell in our lobby and guest corridors add to the great experience for our guests. Not only is the scent very pleasant, the service has been amazing. It is refreshing to know that we have regularly scheduled maintenance and replacements so that we do not have to worry about it. We have tried other companies in the past that have failed in either service or quality of product, but with ScentLinq, we do not have to compromise, we get both!

Adam Baraniewicz